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Law Merchant Solutions is your trusted partner to get you the mortgage relief you need. 

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About Us

Law Merchant Solutions is a group of consultants that help people who are having challenges with their mortgage.  We are a team of professionals who provide comprehensive advice regarding mortgage, pre-foreclosure or foreclosure "RELIEF."


“Unfortunately, I fell behind on making the mortgage payments.  Ultimately, I received a summons and complaint regarding foreclosure.  I was terrified that I would lose my family home.  The counselors at Law Merchant Solutions stayed abreast of my situation until resolution, ensuring my home was free and clear from the dangers of foreclosure."

A. Folasade

"Law Merchant Solutions, is the best.  They diligently worked with my mortgage lender to satisfy the mortgage contract.  Now, I’m able to pass down the house to my child free from debt.  I’m happy I made the call."


"I am pleased to have consulted with Law Merchant Solutions. Throughout our relationship they were patient and very helpful particularly in educating me on what is a mortgage, among other things.  Regarding the process of purchasing a home, I feel more confident to do so."

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45 East City Avenue

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

800-329-7125 ext. 800

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